Wednesday 24 July 2024

Immediate Past President's Message on the occasion of World Kidney Day

On the occasion of World Kidney Day; Dr. Zali, IRIMC President, acknowledged Iranian nephrologists and urologists consistent efforts and their exceptional & eminent contributions to the development of nephrology in Iran.

"Held on the second Thursday in March, World Kidney Day has been set aside to raise awareness of the importance of kidneys to human overall health.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of Iranian nephrologists and urologists because of their consistent efforts and exceptional contributions to the development of nephrology in Iran.

The number of kidney transplants in Iran surpassed 40,000 and according to WHO report on world kidney transplantation activities based on GODT (Global Observatory on Donation and Transplantation) survey, the number of kidney transplantation in our country is 25.0-34.9 per million people. That means each year, around 2700 kidney transplantation is done in our country which has made us a leading country in our region. According to national statistics, up to 60% of needed kidneys for transplantations are supplied by brain dead kidney donors. Increasing the number of organ donations in our country achieved through raising awareness and educating people. Undoubtedly our nephrologists and Urologists as well as our rich culture have got considerable influence on the rise of organ donation and transplant in our country.

The prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease is increasing dramatically and about 1 in 9 people have some degree of CKD. It is estimated that by 2015, 36 million people face serious health conditions because of CKD.

Chronic Kidney Diseases are not curable and the cost of growing epidemic has an enormous burden on healthcare system worldwide. Globally, 5.1 million patients require dialysis and kidney transplants and if the prevention of CKD is neglected by nations, the number of affected people by CKD will be doubled within next years.

Nephrologists and urologists have key role in raising awareness about the importance of kidney health, encouraging prevention and bringing this issue to the attention of health system.

Once again, I do appreciate Iranian nephrologists and urologists dedication to the medicine which has improved our people's lives.

Dr. Alireza Zali
IRIMC President"