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IRIMC Corona Narrative (CORONA-RAVAYAT) Festival launched

  • 18 May 2020
  • 19:02
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IRIMC Corona Narrative (CORONA-RAVAYAT) Festival launched
Iranian Medical Council has started and called for a big documentation project in order to record and archive the lasting moments in corona management.

Dr. Mohammad Kiasalar, the director of the  "CORONAREVAYAT (corona narrative): Recording the lasting Moments", said: "The project is going to gather, record and archive the best short films, documentaries, screenplays, cartoons, photos, poems, short stories, essays, original articles, voluntary acts and other valuable documents related to the management of the epidemic in the country, as well as documented memories from a wide range of physicians, nurses and other health workers trying to control the epidemic."

The project is going to be held in 10 different parts:

- Corona according to cinema

(documentary, short film, video clip, web series, mobile film, animation, motion graphic, movie)

- Corona according to literature

(short story, poem, narration, memories)

- Corona according to picture

(photo, poster, cartoon, painting)

- Corona according to media

(report, interview, article)

- Corona according to medical humanities

(medical ethics, medical philosophy, medical education, medical sociology)

- Corona according to research

(original article, systematic review)

- Corona according to devotion

(health martyrs biography, about health workers professionalism)

- Corona according to public health education

(written,  audiovisual)

- Corona according to radio and television

(TV program, radio program)

- Corona according to social responsibility

(voluntary service, health donors, health volunteers)

Dr. Kiasalar said that applicants can submit their works until July 5, 2020, by completing the registration form on the website of Iranian Medical Council.

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