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Iranian Healthcare Professionals' Petition

  • 19 April 2020
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Iranian Healthcare Professionals' Petition
Iranian Healthcare Professionals created a petition urging the US to immediately lift sanctions blocking the way for fighting coronavirus pandemic in Iran.

Mr. António Guterres 

The Secretary General of the United Nations 


Dear Mr. Guterres,


The human and economic loss caused by the spread of COVID-19 in Iran coincides with the ever-highest politically induced sanctions against the country. Although various sanctions have been in place for the past four decades, since May, 2018, the unilateral sanctions imposed by the USA against Iran have increased dramatically to an almost total economic lockdown, which includes severe penalties for non-US companies conducting business with Iran.


Although sanctions do not seem to be physical warfare weapons, they are just as deadly, if not more so. Jeopardizing the health of populations for political ends is not only illegal but also barbaric. We should not let history repeat itself. Given the COVID-19 pandemic and its alarming outcomes in Iran, the international community must be obliged to stand against the sanctions that are hurting millions of Iranians. It is essential for the UN Security Council to push the USA to ease, albeit temporarily, the barriers to providing lifesaving medical supplies to Iran. In the future, the global community must anticipate possible impacts of sanctions on humanitarian aid and move to prevent further disasters from happening.

We, physicians, nurses and healthcare provider personnel in the Islamic Republic of Iran, who are in front line of fighting COVID-19 massive outbreak in the country, align with many Iranian and non- Iranian healthcare providers from across the world, by signing this petition, request your proactive and effective involvement to utilize the entire capacity of the United Nations and the international community to urge the United States of America to lift or ease, albeit temporally, all unilateral sanction against Iran. Please act now, tomorrow will be late. Viruses do not discriminate, nor should humankind.


To sign the petition, please click here.

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