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IRIMC official letter to UN Secretary General

  • 05 December 2018
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IRIMC official letter to UN Secretary General
Following unilateral US withdrawal from JCPOA and the re-imposition of sanctions against Iran which dramatically affects importing of live-saving medicines, IRIMC as the advocate of patients’ rights and one the main national healt...

In an official letter addressed to UN Secretary General signed jointly by IRIMC President and Chairman of IRIMC Supreme Council, Iranian Medical Council urged UN to take all necessary measures to save people’s lives and to avoid humanitarian crisis.


The President and the Chairman of the Supreme Council emphasized that US-led illegitimate economic sanctions and restricting international trade would dramatically affect deliveries of medicine, pharmaceutical products, and importing of essential medical supplies resulting in health crisis for Iranian people.


The letter of IRIMC senior official bodies to UN Secretary General is as follows:




13 November 2018


Mr. António Guterres,

The Honorable Secretary General of the United Nations,

United Nations Headquarters,

New York, NY 10017, USA.



We have the honour to address you in our capacity as directors of Medical Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the harmful impacts of the illegitimate re-imposition of unilateral economic sanctions by the United States on the health sector in Iran, following the US withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on 8 May 2018.


As you are well aware, access to healthcare constitutes a fundamental element of the right to health to which all individuals are entitled. To that end, States are obliged to respect, protect and fulfill this right for all, and to refrain from limiting access to health care services.


Due to the fact that US-led illegitimate economic sanctions and restricting international trade have seriously affected our ability to secure access to healthcare services, medical drugs and supplies, we would like to draw your immediate attention to the health-related hardship caused by such sanctions for Iranians, and to underline the urgent need for solutions to be identified to address this humanitarian concern.


We look forward to receiving a response at your earliest convenience with respect to any possible measure that can be taken with a view to answering this problem and precluding future deterioration.



              Please accept, Excellency, the assurances of our highest consideration.




Dr. Iradj Fazel                                                                  Dr. Mohammadreza Zafarghandi

  President                                                                           Chairman of Supreme Council


Bureau of International Relations


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