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National Conference on Medical Malpractice Prevention

  • 05 January 2017
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National Conference on Medical Malpractice Prevention
National Conference on Medical Malpractice Prevention will be held by Iranian Medical Council and Iranian Association of Medical Law.



Dr. Zali mentioned the importance of medical malpractice prevention and said:”Medical Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRIMC) is the nation's largest independent organization in the field of medicine which registers all health care professionals (except nurses) to practice in Iran, and regulates bi or multilateral collaborations between health care professionals & other associations. IRIMC has established a reliable system of medical justice which is in accordance with WMA statement”” The legal system which ensure that patients are protected against harmful practices, physicians are protected against unmeritorious lawsuits, and standard of care determinations are consistent and reliable so that all parties know where they stand.””


As the nation’s regulatory and licensing authority, IRIMC checks every doctor’s identity and qualifications before they are able to be registered and licensed in IRIMC and keeps track of changes to doctors’ records to ensure that the registered medical professional is accurate and up to date and can provide good level of care. Every five years, IRIMC registered doctors and healthcare professionals are relicensed to make sure that they are fit to practice due to protect patients’ right for receiving highest possible standards of care. Iranian Medical Council supervises doctors’ practice to assure that doctors achieve good medical practice and takes action when they are not met.


“According to world medical malpractice statistics, approved malpractice claims in Iran are lower than the rest of the world; however a distinction must be made between medical malpractice and an untoward result occurring in the course of medical care and treatment that is not the fault of the physician. That’s highly important to well inform the public about it.” Dr. Zali remarked.


IRIMC President highly appreciated the consistent efforts of IRIMC Deputy for Disciplinary Affairs and its panel of experts to maintain standard care by protecting patients against harmful practices and physicians against unmeritorious lawsuits. Dr. Zali hailed the upcoming conference on Medical Malpractice Prevention which raises awareness among medical community about this crucial issue and will shed light on strategies which significantly decrease malpractice claims in Iran.


On 22-23 February 2017, National Conference on Medical Malpractice Prevention will be convened in Tehran at Convention Centre of Iranian Judicial System. The Secretariat of the upcoming conference is located in Iranian Medical Council and abstract submission deadline is on 3rd February 2017.


Dr. Shima Naghavi, Director of International Affairs


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