Our mission & values

Our Mission and Values

The international objectives, schemes, and strategies of the Islamic Republic of Iran Medical Council (IRIMC) in two calendar years (2014-2016)

An Internet opinion poll has been arranged for revealing the general awareness of health care professionals about IRIMC Deputy for International Affairs or IRIMC International Function.
The questionnaire has been set up and sent via email to 500 MDs, dentists, and pharmacists who practice in Tehran.
Regarding the result of this poll, it is highly recommended to define thoroughly IRIMC International Affairs Deputy to Iranian health care professionals in the first place.

For enhancing the proficiency and competency of IRIMC nationwide as well as worldwide and to raise it to eminence as a notable Medical Council, the following policies are recommended respectively:
1) Setting up a specific website for IRIMC International Affairs which consists of a distinct email to facilitate communication with the public and a thorough definition of international strategies & schemes in Farsi, English, and Arabic.
It is highly recommended to introduce this website and email to all IRIMC members via text message, and ask them share their points of view as well as suggestion bout IRIMC International Affairs.
The mentioned website is supposed to be interpolated in every written communication. So other counties' official bodies can easily access to the IRIMC strategies.
2) Membership in Iran joint chambers of commerce with European, Middle Eastern, Far Eastern countries.
3) Arranging the appointment as well as collaborative agreements with Ambassadors of the mentioned countries.
4) Assembling the first meeting of the Medical Councils presidents of regional countries in September 2014.
5) Joint procedures with European embassies to facilitate the formalities of issuing visa for Iranian health care professionals registered by IRIMC.
6) Providing job vacancies for graduate health acre professionals registered by IRIMC in other countries.
7) Presenting educational courses & programs in affiliation with the International Organizations such as WHO, WMA, FDI, and Unilever for health care professionals of regional countries.
8) Promoting the establishment of health tourism or global health care center in Iran and cooperation with Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs due to bring it to the public worldwide.
9) Membership in world medical, dental, and pharmaceutical associations, and regular attendance of IRIMC president in their sessions & meetings.
10) Organizing a collaboration committee between Middle East Medical Councils regarding achieving following goals:
- to exchange executive & administrative expertise and information due to ameliorate IRIMC
polices such as:
Regulation medical services cost and tax affairs.
Providing special facilities for health care professional who work in underdeveloped regions of
the country (exempting them from paying taxes or offering them favorable discount)
Defining health oriented insurances and substitution health oriented insurances for patient
oriented ones to improve health care quality and achieve sustainable development in the
medical field.
- an interchange of scientific information in the field of medicine.
11) Creating a joint committee of students of regional countries to improve dental & medical public health based on Millennium Development Goals of WHO.
Based on medical cooperation with regional countries, IRIMC can collect precise information due to improve national as well as regional health care quality.
12) Setting up a media to define and publicize IRIMC achievement as well as its president.
13) Introducing noble & high-ranked Iranian medical doctors, dentist, and pharmacists who work in reputable foreign countries as IRIMC representatives to facilitate the educational and research collaboration between Iran and other countries.

Dr. Shima Naghavi, Director of IRIMC International Affairs