Facilitating the procedures of France visa appointment

IRIMC & the Embassy of the Republic of France in Tehran came to an agreement to facilitate the procedures of France visa appointment for Iranian health care professionals in a collaborative protocol that starts on first of October 2014- the first ever to be performed in Iranian Medical Council.

Dr. Alireza Zali who is an accomplished academic neurosurgeon, medical scientist and administrator took office on May 2013 as the 9th president of IRIMC with the direct vote of Iranian healthcare professionals. Regarding his new visions of leadership; IRIMC Department of International Affairs has officially started its operation since October 2013. Dr. Zali appointed Dr. KSeyedan as Councilor of International Affairs.Dr. Shima Naghavi DDS and fluent in English and French with expertise in International Affairs was appointed as Director of International Affairs and Acting Director of International Education and Research.

According to IRIMC global strategies that were set by renowned persons of the International Affairs Department, the global strategies of IRIMC were settled. For enhancing the proficiency and competency of IRIMC as the voice of Iranian healthcare professionals nationwide as well as worldwide and to raise it to eminence as a notable Medical Council, some official meetings were scheduled between IRIMC senior delegation and Ambassadors as well as top official bodies of the embassies of European countries in Iran.


On Thursday 27 February 2014, IRIMC hosted Mr.Pierre-André Lhôte, the Attaché for Scientific, Technical, and University Cooperation of the French Embassy. One of the topics mentioned in the proclaimed meeting by IRIMC officials  was facilitating the process of France visa appointment for Iranian healthcare professionals who aim to participate in congresses and short-term educational courses held in France. It was welcomed by Mr. Lhôte and he expressed his willingness to promote it. On Sunday 4 May 2014, another meeting was held between Mr. Lhôte & Dr. Naghavi, the Director of IRIMC International Affairs due to set a protocol for cooperation between IRIMC department of International Affairs and the Scientific Section of the French Embassy which is as follows:

1) The scientific section can facilitate the procedures of appointments for visa. The visa section for the French embassy remains responsible for the final decision of the visa.

2) A request of appointment must be sent at least five weeks before the departure. About three weeks are needed to get an appointment and about two weeks are needed for the administrative procedure of visa (short term duration). 

3) IRIMC should send the passport copies of visa applicants as well as the documents that verify a congress or related event would be held on France.

4) The scientific section would inform IRIMC about the appointments for visa applicants.

5) Iranian health care professionals should meet all of the following criteria


a)      They should be registered by IRIMC

b)      They should aim to participate in congresses & short-term educational courses held in France

c)       The should be well aware that this procedure does not include their companions

d)      And they should thoroughly follow the process of issuing visa which is described as follows :

          All necessary documents for granting a visa should be submitted to the French Embassy.

          IRIMC would just refer the documents needed for getting appointment to scientific section.


6) An assessment of this procedure will be done after six months.


The procedure started from first of October 2014

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Dr. Shima Naghavi, Director of International Affairs