IRI Medical Council

Date:21 October 2017

IRIMC hosted WHO Delegation



Representing more than 254,000 registered members, Medical Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRIMC) is the nation's largest independent and Non-Governmental Organisation in the field of medicine. Founded in 1964, Iranian Medical Council is national healthcare professions' regulatory authority and professional body which is responsible for licensing, authorisation, and registration of all healthcare professionals (except nurses) as well as advocacy for health care professionals' and patients' right.




As the regulatory authority and trade union for all Iranian healthcare professionals including midwives, IRIMC actively cooperates with certified & competent national as well as international organizations in the field of medicine to uphold the high health standards and to promotes midwives and midwifery cares



On Thursday 19 October 2017, there was an official meeting between incumbent IRIMC President & senior official bodies of Iranian Medical Council and WHO Delegation. The Delegation consisted of Dr. Judith Brown, WHO Midwifery Consultant; Dr. Arwa Oweis, WHO Regional Adviser for Nursing and Midwifery; and Dr. Fariba A Al-Darazi; WHO EMRO Health Workforce Development & Nursing Consultant



IRIMC President warmly greeted the WHO Delegation in the field of midwifery accompanied by MoH representatives and emphasized on IRIMC active relations with competent international authorities to promote midwifery care.



IRIMC President highlighted the role of midwives in maternal and new born health and said:” Midwives are highly important in saving the lives of mothers and newborns and we are proud of all our midwives.” He added:”The relationship between IRIMC and MoH is very good and as the main competent authorities in national healthcare system, we are in active cooperation to set standards and regulations for healthcare professionals.”



The meeting was inaugurated by IRIMC Director of International Affairs who welcomed distinguished guests and briefly introduced IRIMC President and the scope of IRIMC activities to protect the health and safety of the public by ensuring that midwives and other healthcare professionals are competent and fit to practice their profession. She mentioned about democratic procedure for electing IRIMC officials and emphasized on the important role of midwives in the IRIMC governance. “196 IRIMC regional branches have been established nationwide through independent and simultaneous election procedure. Each regional branch consists of a board of directors which at least one of them must be a midwife. Certain numbers of midwives are represented by IRIMC branches to assemble IRIMC General Assembly and two of IRIMC Supreme Council members are midwives.”



WHO Delegation & MoH representatives highly appreciated warm welcome of IRIMC President and official bodies and the opportunity to have such a warm and productive discussion




Dr. Fazel was joined in the meeting by Dr. Khodakarami, IRIMC Supreme Councilor; Ms. Sadat, IRIMC Supreme Councilor; and, Director of International Affairs.