Dr. Iradj Fazel became President of Iranian Medical Council

Dr. Iradj Fazel became President of Iranian Medical Council

Dr. Iradj Fazel became President of Iranian Medical Council

Dr. Iradj Fazel, an internationally acclaimed medical scientist and surgeon (Professor emeritus, President of Iranian Association of Surgeons and former Health Minister) has recently been made IRIMC President.


Every four years, IRIMC General Assembly elects a president.

All health care professionals registered by IRIMC are eligible to take part in IRIMC election which is run every four years through independent and simultaneous procedure. The board of directors of each IRIMC branch is directly elected by the healthcare professionals who work in the same district. Each board of directors represents its delegates (the minimum one and the maximum 8) to arrange the General Assembly.

The General Assembly is the main deliberative Assembly of the IRIMC that serves as its parliament. It is composed of 224 members who elect IRIMC President as well as the Supreme Councilors for a term of four years.


Dr. Fazel received the highest vote of Tehrani healthcare professionals and became the elected member of Tehran Medical Council and nominated for IRIMC presidency.
In his presidential nomination acceptance speech addressing IRIMC General Assembly, Dr. Fazel emphasized on protecting the honor, sanctity and dignity of the medical profession as well as promoting and maintaining the quality of health care practice. He won a landslide victory by receiving highest vote of General Assembly.



As a highly renowned physician and prominent vascular surgeon, Dr. Fazel is recognized nationally for his unmatched dedications to the profession. He is the founder of Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences and acted as its president for 19 years, the founder and president of Iranian Association of Surgeons, founder and president of Iranian Federation of Medical Associations, former president of IRIMC & MESOT and former Health Minister.


Dr. Shima Naghavi, Director of IRIMC English Website