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Department of International Affairs

Medical Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRIMC) is the nation's largest independent organization in the field of medicine which registers all health care professionals (except nurses) to practice in Iran, and regulates bi or multilateral collaborations between health care professionals & other associations.
Dr. Alireza Zali MD,MSc, Neurosurgeon has been elected as IRIMC president by the direct vote of Iranian health care professionals, and regarding his new visions of leadership; IRIMC Department of International Affairs has officially started its operation since October 2013.
As Dr. Zali is an accomplished academic neurosurgeon, medical scientist and administrator, he is willing to expand scientific & professional bilateral relations between the health care professionals of Iran and other countries.
Dr. Zali appointed Dr. kaveh Seyedan, as the councilor of IRIMC International Affairs.
Dr. Kaveh Seyedan is a noted dental professional who serves as the president of Iranian Association of Prosthodontics, associate professor of Beheshti University in Prosthodontics, FDI National Liaison Officer and Secretary General of International College of Dentists in Iran. He serves as Board Member of Tehran Medical Council.

Dr. Shima Naghavi DDS ( fluent in English & French with expertise in international affairs) was appointed by IRIMC President as the Director of International Affairs.
She serves as Board Member of IRIMC Commission for Credential Verification, and Head of IRIMC Department of International Education and Research.

The main objectives of IRIMC International Affairs Department are as follows:
1) Definition and regulation of IRIMC global strategies
2) Promoting educational and research cooperation in medical & dental sciences between Iran and other countries.
3) Promoting and facilitating the relations between Iranian health care professionals and their counterparts around the globe.
4) Cooperation with WHO and other UN subordinates regarding achieving sustainable development in the field of medicine.
5) Collaboration with UN to help achieve the 8 United Nations Millennium Development Goals by 2015

Dr. Shima Naghavi, Director of IRIMC International Affairs